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Q: How do I contact a representative about designing a website or other graphic design services?
A: Our representatives can be reached by email or phone, or you can submit a
service request form
online. To contact us by phone, you may call at (518) 824-5801.
If you would like to speak with someone via email, you contact us at edtinfo@gmail.com

Q: How can I set up an appointment for a photo shoot?
A: You may check our availability by viewing our online calendar. To schedule a meeting with one of our photographers, you may either fill out a request form or call us during our normal business hours.

Q: What is the difference between a parts warranty and a service warranty?
A: Our one-year service warranty covers any problems that might occur with your system including troubleshooting and parts replacement. A parts warranty is the warranty the manufacturer places on that part. Should the component go bad within the time period specified by that company, they would be responsible for replacing the part. Many parts warranties will not coincide with our service warranty, but we will always replace the part if it is within your one year contract and we have built the system for you.

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